SS Cable Glands

Choose SS Cable Glands For Unmatched Durability And Protection In Harsh Environments. Engineered From High-Quality Stainless Steel And Offering IP68 Ingress Protection, Our Glands Ensure Secure, Reliable Cable Connections For Industrial, Marine, And Telecommunication Applications. Enjoy Easy Installation, Long-Term Performance, And Peace Of Mind With Our Premium SS Cable Glands.

Technical Description

SS Cable Glands Provide Superior Durability, Corrosion Resistance, And Ingress Protection, Making Them Ideal For Demanding Industrial And Commercial Applications. With Robust Design Features And Rigorous Quality Assurance, They Ensure Reliable Performance And Longevity In Harsh Environments. Their Versatility And Ease Of Installation Make Them A Preferred Choice For Secure Cable Management.

MSME Approved

IP-68 Protection

ISI Approved

Export Quality

Made In India

30+ Years of Trust


  1. Robust Construction: Engineered for durability and reliability, ensuring long-term performance in demanding environments.
  2. Superior Conductivity: Provides efficient electrical conductivity, maintaining signal integrity and power transmission.
  3. Seamless Performance: Designed for seamless operation in various industrial and commercial applications, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.
  4. Versatile Solutions: Offers a range of configurations and designs to meet diverse connection needs in different industries.
  5. Quality Engineering: Manufactured under strict quality control measures, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.


  1. Constructed From High-Quality Stainless Steel, Ensuring Exceptional Durability And Resistance To Corrosion.
  2. Stainless Steel Grade 304 Or 316 For Enhanced Protection In Harsh Environments.
  3. Robust Construction Withstand High Mechanical Stresses And Impact.
  4. Suitable For A Wide Range Of Operating Temperatures, Offering Stability In Extreme Conditions.
  5. Smooth Finish Ensures Minimal Friction During Cable Installation.

Ingress Protection:

  1. Designed To Provide IP68 Ingress Protection, Offering Maximum Defense Against Dust And Water.
  2. Ensures Airtight And Watertight Sealing To Prevent Moisture And Contaminants From Entering The Enclosure.
  3. Sealing Mechanisms Include O-Rings And Compression Seals For Enhanced Protection.
  4. Tested And Certified To Withstand Prolonged Immersion In Water And Exposure To Dust.
  5. Ideal For Use In Environments Requiring High Levels Of Cleanliness And Protection.

Design Features:

  1. Available In Various Sizes And Thread Types To Accommodate Different Cable Diameters.
  2. Features A Locknut For Secure Installation And Stable Connection.
  3. Includes A Compression Ring To Ensure Firm Grip On The Cable Without Causing Damage.
  4. Smooth Thread Design For Easy And Quick Assembly.
  5. Provides Strain Relief To Prevent Cable Pull-Out And Maintain Integrity Of The Connection.


  1. Ideal For Industrial Automation Systems Requiring Robust And Reliable Cable Connections.
  2. Suitable For Marine And Offshore Applications Due To High Resistance To Corrosion And Saline Environments.
  3. Used In Telecommunications For Securing Cables In Outdoor And Harsh Conditions.
  4. Essential For Electrical Installations In Chemical Plants And Processing Industries.
  5. Applicable In Renewable Energy Systems Such As Wind Turbines And Solar Panels For Secure Cable Management.


  1. Durability: Stainless Steel Construction Ensures Long-Term Performance And Resistance To Harsh Environments.
  2. Corrosion Resistance: Ideal For Use In Corrosive Environments, Providing Extended Lifespan And Reliability.
  3. High Strength: Capable Of Withstanding Mechanical Stresses, Vibration, And Impact.
  4. Versatility: Suitable For A Wide Range Of Industrial And Commercial Applications.
  5. Easy Installation: Designed For Quick And Secure Assembly, Reducing Installation Time And Effort.

Quality Assurance

  1. Manufactured To International Standards Such As IEC And NEMA For Quality And Safety.
  2. Undergoes Rigorous Testing For Mechanical And Environmental Performance.
  3. Continuous Quality Control Throughout The Production Process To Ensure Consistency.
  4. Certifications Available For Compliance With Specific Industry Requirements.
  5. Regular Audits And Inspections To Maintain High Standards Of Quality.

Environmental Considerations:

  1. Designed For Longevity, Reducing The Need For Frequent Replacements And Waste.
  2. Stainless Steel Is Recyclable, Contributing To Sustainable Practices.
  3. Environmentally Sealed To Prevent Contaminants From Entering The System.
  4. Suitable For Use In Environments With Extreme Temperature Variations.
  5. Minimal Environmental Impact During Manufacturing And Disposal.

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